My most recent series explores the theme of floods through the narratives of recent storms and weather events. Floods have become an increasing familiar reality of weather patterns, both along the coasts and inland. They are violent penetrations into our private spheres, soiling precious family heirlooms and rotting foundations. They arrive sideways through dramatic, violent storm surges and king tides, from above by way of unending rain patterns and through the ground through overwhelmed drainage systems and overtaxed aquifers.

This body of work pulls together the fragmented narratives of various recent storms that have impacted human lives through the lens of water entering our homes and washing away any notion that this is just a passing shower.

A Storm Within A Storm Within A Storm Within
38”x31”x31”, 2018
Wood, Paper, Rope, Data

Hurricane Maria was one of several storms and human-made disasters that finally crumbled Puerto Rico. This piece combines weather data from Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma, layering both on top of a precarious tower of rafts.
Photo Credit: Jean-Michael Seminaro