In my research, I come across words or phrases that describe specific aspects of weather that are both poetic in sound and meaning as well as being spot on in describing the visceral experience of weather.

These literary gems are part of this limited series, called The Partly Sunnies. These are more functional, affordable objects that were created in conjunction with upcoming shows in 2017/18. They are being sold in gift stores where I exhibit and through my website. Prices do not include shipping. Contact me if you are interested (


A Blind Smuir
10”(h)x12”x12”, 2017
Paper, paper mache, wood

The word “smuir” is an old Scottish word meaning to “choke” or “smother. A Blind Smuir refers to a snow drift that is so thick it not only blinds but suffocates, which I found happens when you are out in a snow storm with 50 mph gusts.