This new series is based on weather data I gathered while being quarantined at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Every piece translates cloud cover and temperature readings from places I have loved ones who are in quarantine. Each piece consists of two sides: one which is planned and one which is unplanned to allow for an unexpected discovery in how the same data set can create a different pattern on the other side. Weaving consists of line after line, building a matrix that can be strong, beautiful and resilient. Every paper line through color, width and angle, records a small moment of weather, that together builds a strong witness of this difficult period of isolation, worry and love we are all experiencing.

They are for sale! They are made of high quality Arches, cold-press watercolor paper and are lightfast. Each piece has two sides, where the data creates slightly different patterns. You can decide which side you prefer. They are for sale in order to help me cover my studio costs during the pandemic. Please contact me at:

May 2020:Weaving Weather During Quarantine
Cloud cover and temperatures readings from Boston, MA during quarantine in May 2020.
Arches watercolor paper, cold pressed, watercolor
20”x20”, 2020