In Summer 2015, I was an Artist in Residence at the Mountain Lake Biological Field Station in the west Appalachian mountains of Virginia.
I focused my time on developing various mark making systems to capture the sounds I heard all around me.
The result is this very new body in which collages are used as sound maps to track the direction and quality of sounds found in different environments.


A Square in the Sky
Paper, wood
8’x6’, extends off wall by 9”, 2015

This piece was made while at residence at the Mountain Lake Biological Station in the
Appalachian Mountains in Virginia. Sound recordings of the wind taken at a clearing at the
station are translated into a collage in the middle, with West pointing upwards. The
collage also functions as a map of Virginia. Other pathways of the wind (jet
stream, bird migration routes, hurricane paths, and cloud patterns) are then
added to show how they intersect on a larger scale.