To Hear an Ocean in a Whisper
7’x7’x6’, 2013

Synergy is an experiment in art/science communication, in which visual artists have been paired with ocean scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to render complex scientific concepts accessible to the public through art. I have been working with Jon Fincke, an MIT graduate student, who uses acoustics to study the biological processes in the water column.

To Hear an Ocean in a Whisper explores biological, meteorological, and physical processes that are the foundation of the rich marine life and diversity found at Georges Bank in the Gulf of Maine.

I used Finke's acoustic data to illustrates the presence of krill in the water near Georges Bank and extrapolated the data in time and space to look at the larger cycles of biology, currents, temperature variations, tidal patterns, and weather changes that affect krill. The various amusement park rides in my work interpret the larger biological, seasonal, and geophysical cycles and patterns associated with the krill. The roller coaster is the Labrador Current; the merry-go-round shows how krill data fit into larger seasonal variations of air and water temperature, salinity, currents, wave height, and solar azimuth. The Ferris wheel shows the diurnal cycle of krill. The Swing ride shows the tidal patterns of the Bay of Fundy and nearby whale sightings. The Spider Ride shows seasonal changes as well as information from the Northeast Channel Buoy, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Maine where the Labrador Current enters. All of the rides together construct a map of Georges Bank and nearby coastal features.