A collaboration between science data, musical performance and sculpture

Composers Wanted!

We are looking for adventurous composers to join us in this collaborative project.

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“Weather Scores” is a unique collaborative compositional process between emerging composers/musicians and Nathalie Miebach (sculpture), involving weather data, woven sculptures, graphic/indeterminate musical scores, and piano performance. The core of the project is a series of musical scores entirely based on weather data, which are adapted by composers to piano performance. In conjunction, these scores are also translated into woven sculptural, data translations that also function as 3D musical scores.


April 6, 2013

Commonstreet Arts Gallery, Waterville, ME.
Performance of “The Ghostly Crew of the Andrea Gail” by Frank Mauceri (saxophone), Carl Dimow (flutes), Peter McLaughlin (percussion), Joshua DeScherer (contrabass)

6:30- talk, 7:30 performance.

April 16-27, 2013

Queensland University of Technology and Creative Industries, Brisbane (Australia), musical scores and sound pieces

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