A collaboration between science, data, musical performance and sculpture

Since 2009, I have been collaborating with musicians and composers from a variety of musical traditions and experiences in performances. The core of the project is a series of musical scores entirely based on weather data, which are adapted by composers to musical performance. In conjunction, these scores are also translated into woven sculptural, data translations that also function as 3D musical scores. More can be found on the Sculptural Musical Score page under portfolio.

It is important to me to support these incredibly talented musicians and composers, which is why I have included all their websites below. Please visit their sites by clicking on their names.


Past Concerts:


Musicians: Jonathan Summers, Josh Malave, The Picosa Ensemble. Composers: Matthew Jackfert ( and Mischa Salkind-Pearl (, Elliot Cless (www. and Christian Gentry. Performance Venue: Talbert Recital Hall, Aurora University, Aurora, IL.


Musicians: Jennifer Wood, Laura Sabo and Bernard DiGregorio. Composers: Matthew Jackfert ( and Mischa Salkind-Pearl ( Performance Venue: Clay Center for Arts and Sciences, Charleston, WV.


2016: Musicians: Tuesday Musical ( Composers: Mischa Salkind-Pearl ( and Christian Gentry ( Performance Venue: Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH.


2015: The Dinosaur Annex (, composers: Christian Gentry ( and Mischa Salkind-Pearl ( Performances of Ride_ (by C. Gentry) and A Poppy of Erasure (by M.Salkind-Pearl)

2013: Joshua DeScherer ( & Noah Teachey. Performance of The Ghostly Crew of the Andrea Gail, Waterville, ME

2011: The Nineteen Thirteen Trio ( Performance of Hurricane Noel, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, MI

2010: The Axis Ensemble (Elliot Cless and Phil Acimovic). Performance of Hurricane Noel, Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA. The Axis Ensemble was founded by Elliot T. Cless ( and Phil Acimovic. (, two extraordinary composers.

2009-2010: Elaine Rombola ( Performances of Jean’s Passing. Church organ, Nave Gallery, Somerville, Navigating Into a New Night. Piano. Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA Stormy Weather, Internal Storm. & Navigating Into a New Night. Piano, Amherst College, Amherst, MA